Requirements for the “Hello World” video

Video Specifications: Your video should contain

  1. The text “Hello, world”.
  2. One short, prerecorded video clip (2-5 seconds).
    • has a vast repository of video clips that are in the public domain and available for download.
    • These clips are offered in a number of different file formats. Before downloading one, check the “importing” section of your tutorial or your video editing program’s help files to see what file formats it can import. Your best bet is to chose either the MPEG4 or h.264 format, as they are broadly compatible with most modern operating systems and video editing programs.
  3. At least one image (displayed for 2-5 seconds).
  4. One short, prerecorded audio clip (played for 2-5 seconds). This audio clip can be music or any other form of audio and it can be played under one or more of the other elements (the video clip, the image) described here.
  5. A brief voiceover (no more than one sentence) recorded by you.
  6. An end credits sequence that provides source citations for #s 2, 3, 4, and 5. If you created one or all of these elements of the video, cite yourself. Everyone should cite themselves for #5.

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