“Hello, World” HTML files

Your “Hello, World” files should be text files, titled YourLastName_HelloWorld.html, that contain correctly formatted HTML such that the file displays in a web browser.

At minimum, your “Hello, World” page  should contain the following elements:

  • two levels of headings
  • two paragraphs
  • a link
  • a bulleted or numbered list
  • an image
  • an HTML5 video element (you can download an .mp4 from archive.org)

At a later stage, we will also create CSS files to accompany your .html file. Title this file YourLastName_HelloWorld_CSS.css.

The CSS version of your “Hello, World” page should contain at minimum, in addition to the elements above, the following stylistic features:

  • two text colors
  • two font sizes
  • centered and left justified text
  • a serif and sans serif font
  • one stylistic change to the image (such as alignment or a border)
  • one stylistic change to the video (such as alignment or a border)

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