Instructions for posting your Chapter Video Remix to your personal websites

Even though you are working in groups on this project, because you have individual personal websites each member of the group needs to post the video to the portfolio page on their own site. (NOTE: If I noted problems on that page at the time of your last submission, you should correct those problems prior to submitting this project.)

The entry on the portfolio page should consist of:

  1. An embedded video of the project (instructions for embedding YouTube videos). To add the embed code you will need to access the “HTML” view of the page, not the “Visual” one (see pp. 178-179  of MM for details on the HTML view).
  2. A descriptive title (not “Ch. 3 of Rheingold” but “Participatory Culture and Net Smarts”) and a short summary of the video’s content (so readers will know what they are clicking on).

To make your page seem a unified whole, you should work on making this entry visually similar to the entry for your multimodal analysis.



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