Instructions for posting Issue/Cause project to your personal website

You will submit your (or your group’s) issue/cause website by linking to it on the portfolio page of your personal website (if you are in a group, each member of the group should have this link on their personal page).

The link to the project on the portfolio page should consist of:

  1. A link to the site,
  2. A thumbnail image, appropriately sized for your layout, either of the site itself or representative of it (for some visual appeal), and
  3. A descriptive title (not “Issue/Cause website” but “Preparing for the Cicada Infestation of 2016”) and a short summary of the site (so readers will know what they are clicking on).

For the purpose of your personal website design, the entry should be visually similar to that of the other entries on the page (that is, similar styling of the title; similar width and placement of images; etc.). If you have questions about how to achieve this with your particular design, please contact me and I will assist you with the details.



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